Establish Your Scholarship

Establish Your Scholarship


Why Scholarships 

Today, a shifting economy poses a significant challenge for NJCU students, as 82% rely on financial aid to cover their expenses. Fortunately, alumni and friends of the University have the ability to turn their dream of a quality education into reality.

A majority of NJCU students come from low-income families and depend on need-based scholarships. For many of our students, financial assistance is the deciding factor on whether to remain enrolled or drop out. Scholarship recipients retain at 12% points higher than students not receiving any type of scholarship.

Peter Hernandez

"I was born in New York City to immigrant parents, and had to work throughout my college career in order to help pay for my education. This is much like many of the students who attend NJCU. These students are our future— regardless of their background, finances, or anything else. They deserve the opportunity to grow, flourish and succeed in their careers with a great education behind them, ultimately paying it forward one day, too."

Pete Hernandez
Chair, NJCU Foundation
​​​​​​Founder of the Eugenio and Esperanza Hernandez Annual Scholarship

Your Impact

Angelo Moreno

"Thanks to your support I can continue my education at NJCU, which has prepared me with the knowledge, tools, skills and network to successfully enter the music industry."

Angelo Moreno
Music Business Major

Alexis Zamboanga

"Scholarships taught me to have confidence in my abilities and that you are not alone even when you feel that you are. Even when the odds are against you, there are groups of people out there who don’t even know you, yet are willing to follow your dreams. My successes are shared with the scholarship donors who took a chance on the girl who wanted a brighter future."

Alexis Zamboanga
Nursing Major

95 %
of Recipients Are From New Jersey
Average Amount of Award
Average GPA

Establishing Your Scholarship

1. Determine the Type of Scholarship

Endowed Scholarships are invested and awards are distributed from the investment income. This means that your scholarship lives on in perpetuity.

Annual Scholarships allow your gift to be used in its entirety. Unlike an endowed scholarship, an annual scholarship is not a permanent fund and is awarded only as long as you choose to contribute to the fund.

2. Choose a Scholarship Name

As a scholarship donor, you choose the name of your scholarship.Scholarships are often named after the donor, company, organization or to honor parents, professors or other important people in one’s life.

3. Establish the Criteria for Your Scholarship

Our team will assist you with writing a detailed scholarship agreement, specifying how your fund will be used and administered. Criteria for the scholarship may be based on academic achievement, financial need or both; and may be made available to students enrolled in a certain college, department, or program.

4. Approve and Sign Your Scholarship Agreement

Once your scholarship agreement is signed, we will administer your scholarship and send you an annual scholarship report that will include your recipient(s) information.

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